I love this guy so much!

Reason #5987376 to love Pope Francis:

Pope Francis is the giant question mark in the center of any discussion of the future of the Legion. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio had only a tenuous, tense relationship with the Legion, one priest told me. The Legion often tried to include him in fundraising dinners or events. He would refuse, saying, “Invite the poor. Don’t just invite the rich.”

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  • capaxdei

    Can poor people be patrons of religious congregations too? They just mite.

    • Dan F.

      I see what you did there…

  • http://chicagoboyz.net/ TMLutas

    The Cardinal now Pope’s advice is (I believe) good in general for very practical reasons but the translation seems to be… interesting. If you’re going to have a $500 a plate fundraiser, inviting the poor is not going to yield a lot of tickets and is, frankly a little strange. I don’t think that this was what he intended to say. Maybe it’s better in the original spanish. I think he meant to say, and might indeed have said something along the lines of don’t forget the poor. I agree with that.

    The general practice is to have a variety of fundraisers at different ticket price levels and invite the big shot to all of them. If he just shows up for the financially low end ones, that’s perfectly fine. These are fundraising dinners. The name of the game is to fill the hall and make as big a difference between cost per plate and income per ticket as possible while providing a good enough time that the hall is filled next year too.