More Stupid Papal Headlines

“Pope turns bread and wine into body and blood of Christ with this one weird trick!”

“Have your sins removed forever at no cost! Here’s how!”

“Ancient religious wisdom can lead to fat burning, weight loss, improved libido. Click on Lent 2014 for more info.”

Hi! I'm 12. This is funny
Just one of many reasons I love Victor Lams
Enjoy your LOST Moment!
  • James H, London

    But that’s not all! Complete this 40-day diet and get the glory of the resurrection FREE!!!

  • QM Barque

    Find out how just a tiny bit of food can make you feel more full than you’ve ever been!

  • Nick Corrado

    I cracked up at the third one.

  • kmk

    Personal mystical visions not included.

  • The original Mr. X

    “MSM, in nod to stupidity, shocked when Pope professes Catholic doctrine.”

  • Loretta

    Conversion’s a hassle, but it’s worth it for the high.