Seahawks Team Spirit

Here in the City of the Nice, we Seattleites–all greenies, liberals, earthy crunchies, feminists, recyclers, conscientious supporters of libraries, public radio, and separating paper and plastic, sentimental sobbers at gay weddings, thoughtful Starbuck’s consumers who listen to world music, post-Christian new agey people who wear crystals for “good energy”, jammie-clad metrosexuals who talk about health care at Christmas as we give each other Priuses with the Obama stickers pre-applied–would now like to just throw that off for a moment and say, WE ARE AWESOME. YOUR TEAM SUCKED AND DESERVED TO LOSE TO US AND WE ARE GOING TO KICK ASS AT THE SUPERBOWL, AMERICA! RELEASE THE BEAST!

Here’s how Seattleites fill out online dating forms:

Favorite activities: Drinking pina coladas. Getting caught in the rain. Hiking. Eco-care conferences. Men’s drumming circles. Book groups discussing 3rd world justice issues. Swimming with Orcas to understand their pain. Marching in solidarity with our oppressed Gray Wolf brothers and sisters. Crushing my enemies. Seeing them driven before me. Hearing the lamentations of their women.

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