Terry Nelson on Fake Outrage

because the Obamas didn’t go to Church for Christmas–like, you know, Reagan.

We can’t borrow trouble by getting our undies in a bunch about dumb stuff.  Lincoln, be it remembered, was assassinated while blowing off Church (because he was, ahem, not a Christian in any recognizable sense) and taking in a play on Good Friday.  Our political class has usually regarded Christianity as an ornament to the pursuit of power.  And some (*cough* Jefferson *cough*) have been much more deeply hostile to Christianity in general and Catholic faith in particular than modern president dare to be.  Obama is, indeed, hostile to the Church (see “HHS Mandate”) and amazingly hubristic in some of his (failed) attempts to boss Christians around (see, “Supreme Court Smackdown of Hosanna Tabor case”).  But, come on: the fact that he didn’t bother with Church is exactly as important as the fact that Reagan didn’t.


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