A Malaysian reader…

…writes something that should be rather devastating for American readers to hear:

I am a Malaysian by birth, a Chinese through ancestry, a Catholic by God´s grace, and this thorny issue has frustrated me ever since. Prayers are the only consolation that we can have for now.

PS: Be sure that you are in my prayer as well, in light of the dire conditions of religious freedom in USA right now.

It’s that PS that should give us pause.

Dear reader, may God protect and prosper the Church in Malaysia through Christ our Lord and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary! And thank you for your prayers for our sad de-Christianizing country. We certain do need them!

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  • orual’s kindred

    Prayers for your reader!

  • S. Murphy

    What orual’s kindred said – praying for Malaysian Christians, with gratitude for your reader’s prayers for us!