Bombing Civilian Populations

Both evil *and* stupid.

As is often the case, the Faustian bargain of doing evil that good may come of it takes your soul and gives you *nothing* in return. The devil is, after all, a liar. Just because he promises you gold, guns and girls in return for your soul doesn’t mean he’s gonna deliver and leave you to waste away like Citizen Kane in your palace reading Ecclesiastes and pondering the meaninglessness of life while you sip mimosas by the pool.

Very often, because it’s more elegant in hell’s reckoning of things, you wind up with nothing at all. Hell’s idea of a practical joke.

In our case, we won the war–and have spent the time since then internalizing and implementing more efficient many of Hitler’s most cherished beliefs. The Belgians are now doing the job of killing their children that it used to require a Gestapo and SS to do. What a centralized police state used to have to do with guns, gas, and forced internment, the civilian populations of the Allies now freely do to themselves and pay somebody handsomely for the the service.

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