Cats: A Super-Intelligent Race Sent Here from Another Planet to Observe Our World?

Or just stupid? Experts have disagreed for centuries.

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  • Alias Clio

    The Benedictine Rule states ‘you shall have no animal but one cat,’ which explains why ms writers, most of whom would have been monks in the Middle Ages, had a peculiarly intimate acquaintance with feline habits.

    • Diana

      Well, that does it for me – no Benedictine vocation without dogs. But you can see how practical the kitties were for them!

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Kept rodents out of the cells and provided warmth at night, I’m guessing.

        • Diana

          My pugs still serve the latter purpose for me :^)

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            I can think of a few terrier breed that would serve both purposes admirably, but I don’t think they’d been developed when Benedict wrote his rule. I love sighthounds myself, but the greyhound/borzoi is too big to share the bed.

            • Diana

              There’s whippets…

    • Jason Hall

      Where does it say that?

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    I think cats are the underachievers of a planet peopled, or catted, by very smart aliens, and they were banished here to Planet Idiocracy to keep them from dumbing down the gene pool. Every now and then the home folks come to visit, which is why every now and then your cat races to the door and wants out RIGHT NOW and then you don’t see him again till next morning.

  • Rosemarie


    Neither; cats are just super-cute. Dogs, too. I like them both. 🙂