Denvertonianites Continue to Seek Reasons for Their Suffering and All That Stuff Losers Do

One of these poor souls writes:

I can’t understand how the Broncos lost. You see (and this is FACT, not a joke), Denver’s Archbishop Aquila flew to New Jersey and said mass for the team on Saturday. So how can it be? He PRAYED for them! Don’t know if he wore orange and blue vestments. To be honest, even though I’ve come to enjoy watching the Broncos play, I’d rather he’d donated the cost of this trip to a charity.

When we pray, we open ourselves to the possibility that the answer will be No. Or that the answer will be, “Actually, I AM a huge Seahawks fan.”

In your case, I think it’s important to remember that we Catholics are a both/and people.

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  • ImTim

    I’m pretty sure that the Broncos paid for his flight, since Del Rio invited him.