Francis is Cuckoo for Cocoa Popes

Somebody made a chocolate statue of the Pope. Yum!

HT to reader Paul Potts for that unforgiveable pun

By the way, it’s moment like this that I am really grateful for St. John Damascene’s defense of images in the Church that steered Christianity away from iconoclasm. Protestants who fret about religious statues forget that their iconoclasm would, if taken to its logical end, have smashed all their bowling trophies, ripped up their family photo albums, and destroyed every butter, snow, and ice sculpture, not to mention taking a sledgehammer to the Pieta and the David.

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  • An actual pastry pontiff!

  • Rachel K

    A few months ago, I found myself saying this while reading a book about saints to our three-year-old:

    “You see, Billy, if I saw a picture of your daddy, I wouldn’t really think it was Daddy. I wouldn’t give it a kiss and a hug and ask it about its day and make it dinner. But St. Theodora’s husband thought I would!”

    Billy now thinks iconoclasm is hilarious.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Please forgive my ignorance, but I do not think I had ever heard about St. Theodora or her husand. Could you take a minute to send a link or give me a little summary of that story, please? It sounds very interesting…

      • Rachel K

        I’d never heard of her either until I read this saints book (Saints’ Lives and Illuminations by Ruth Sanderson)–she’s apparently more of an Eastern Orthodox thing than a Catholic one. Her husband, Theophilos the Iconoclast, was a Byzantine emperor and she kept up the veneration of icons in secret. There’s a story that her daughter once saw Theodora praying with her icons and told Theophilos that “Mama’s playing with her dolls again,” but Theophilos could never find where she hid them. She took over after Theophilos’ death because their son was a minor and undid Theophilos’ iconoclastic laws. The Internet is being surprisingly reticent in giving me any good links on her, but some stuff comes up if you google “Theodora iconoclasm” or “Theodora wife of Theophilos.”