John McCain Does his Level Best…

…to make me grateful Obama won. Pitches hissy fit at Syrian Christians for the crime of pointing out that the butchers he wants to arm are slaughtering them.

"Interesting perspective here: http://www.ifimightinterjec..."

The New Lie
"Pretty good movie making for high school."

Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention
"Often, people "driving under the influence" of certain ideologies kill people."

Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention
"Ideologies don't kill people. People kill people."

Europe Tries to Stage an Intervention

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  • wlinden

    If you can’t trust an anonymous “high-level source” about someone you already dislike, who can you trust?

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I don’t know if it is a matter of “power corrupts” or simply old age settling in, but John McCain seems to be getting kookier and nastier with each passing year.

  • peggy

    I won’t ever say I am grateful Obama won, no matter who little I like John McCain.

    In any case, why do you think Chris Stevens was in Bengazhi?


    One of many reasons that Obama and Dems, and perhaps GOP. don’t really want to investigate Bengazhi.

    • Bill

      No matter how bad Obama is, McCain is terrible

    • I have no doubt the CIA was running arms out of Benghazi. Remember CIA agent Eugene Hasenfus was shot down while illegally supporting terrorists in Nicaragua and brought the whole Iran-Contra affair to light. Unfortunately, we’re so in to identity politics that republicans supported Reagan then just like democrats support Obama now. Sad.