Klass with a Kapital K

So Shirley Temple died the other day. The Normal American community says, “God rest her soul. She lived a full life. Seemed like a decent sort. Survive child stardom and seem to have had her head screwed on straight. Flights of angels sing they to thy rest.”

On the Left? “F*ck Shirley Temple” and Tweetfests celebrating her death. It seems she was a Republican and therefore deserves to be spat upon and go to hell–if only Lefties believed in hell.

This is why I stick with the Church avoid human ideologies like the plague they are.

Memo to the Left: If Shirley Temple–Shirley Temple–fills you with death-wishing rage, consider the possibility that you are, well, out of your mind.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    A Christian would know that he is expected to bury and pray for the dead, which precludes this sort of hate. The ancient pagans had a glimmer of this, counseling that de mortuis nil nisi bene dicendum. But some insist on affirming Dawson when he wrote “barbarism is not a picturesque myth or a half-forgotten memory of a long-passed stage of history, but an ugly underlying reality”.

  • Dave G.

    It reminds me of when Charlton Heston died. That was scary to watch too. Made more fun by Heston’s famous support of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement back in the day.

  • http://bloggoliard.wordpress.com/ Blog Goliard

    Do we know who any of these Twitter users are, or if they’re representative of anything, or whether they’re in earnest or false-flag operations?

    I defend the right against cherry-picked Twitter idiocy; and I’ll defend the left against it too. Sites like Twitchy (from which this collection of tweets was drawn) serve no purpose other than to outrage those who have an itch to be outraged, for no good reason.

    • jordanhenderson

      Just curious. Do you actually have any public examples of where you have defended the right against cherry-picked Twitter idiocy?

      • jordanhenderson

        OK. Never mind. Checking your commenting history, I found where you did something like defending the Right against cherry-picked Twitter idiocy in the Mark’s post about the Coke commercial on the super bowl.

    • Heather

      I was going to say something like this. Unless this is truly a widespread phenomenon, it’s a bit disingenuous to tar the entirety of “the Left” with it.

      • S. Murphy

        The fever swamps of the left, I’d guess – counterpart to the fever swamps of the right who think the President is a crypto-Muslim Communist, whose sole political aim is to destroy the United States, who will undoubtedly sing an even worse sort of ‘ding-dong the witch is dead’ on his eventual passing. The lack of humane perspective is what’s appalling, not the political source.

    • wlinden

      If I remember, Twitchy was the source of that whoopdedo over a Post Office stamp ad, when Mark jumped on the bandwagon.