Prayers for the People of Ukraine

May God defend them from tyrants through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for them!

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Let’s talk about Romans 13

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  • kirthigdon

    I’m certainly praying for peace for the people of the Ukraine, but Weigel’s article is very one-sided. Keep in mind that he was one of those who twice took Blessed John Paul II to task for opposing the US wars against Iraq. So who is he trying to get us in a war with this time? Ukraine? Russia? Certainly the present government of the Ukraine is thuggish, but the opposition is spear-headed by ultra-nationalist neo-Nazi groups who want to take power so they can finish off the few remaining Ukrainian Jews. The violence is coming from both sides; six cops were killed in the most recent fighting. This is another good occasion (like Thailand, Venezuela, Central African Republic, Syria) to pray for peace and reconciliation while trying to keep the US from intervening with force.

    Kirt Higdon

    • BillyT92679

      Yanokovich wants Pan-Slavism and Russian domination. The Greek Catholic Church would be liquidated again, as would the autocephalous Orthodox bodies.

    • Fr. Richard

      Leaving aside US response to the situation in Ukraine, our patriarch has consistently called for prayerful and non-violent response to situation there. In turn the government has threatened the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church with criminal penalties and legal actions.

      “In the letter, sent by the Ministry of Culture, the behaviour of UGCC priests in Kiev’s Independence Square, where protests have been taking place since December, was described as “a violation of Ukrainian legislation regarding the freedom of conscience and religious meetings,” which could lead to “the cancellation of the Church’s activities” and criminal charges.”

      To portray these protesters as anti-Jewish, neo-Nazi nut-jobs is not only simplistic, but very insulting to Ukrainian Catholics, Orthodox and others with legitimate grievances against the current government.

  • Mark R

    Ukraine is complex. If there were anything like a consensus there, it would not be in such a mess. Panslavism –phooey, the country is run by mafiosi. There are even Russian speaking Orthodox Christians in Ukraine who favor a closer relationship with the EU. And there are Ukraine -born people, who though they self-identify as Russian, warmly regard Ukraine as their home. Don’t look for a cohesive unity as one woukd find in Poland. It isn’t there.
    Molitvami Bohorodicy Spase spasi nas!

    • BillyT92679

      Sure, it’s a hodgepodge. That doesn’t mean the will of the people should be trampled by tyrants.

  • Catholic Fast Food Worker

    Mark Shea, or chezami, I’m hesitant of Ukrainian (either Greek or Roman) Catholic leaders supporting this movement so blindly. Like we’ve seen in Muslim countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria & others, anti-government protests can start with good intentions & then derail & become dangerous to the Christian, & specifically, Catholic faithful. The Ukrainian Catholics open & vocal support of the European Union (EU) could alienate us from the Ukrainian Orthodox leaders in the future & possible hinder the peaceful process of trying to unite the Orthodox back to Catholicism. If Ukraine enters the EU, which started out for economic reasons but has now become a strong Anti-Christian Pro-Secularism government force throughout Europe, the Orthodox leaders will resent us in the future. I say a protest for a Free Sovereign Ukraine… away from its past’s Soviet Russian controllers (which ironically, today is more Christian-friendly than the anti-life pro-secular EU or even the USA under Obama) but also away from Anti-Christian “European Union”. Like Shakespeare, I say, As for me & my Ukraine, a pox on both their house (EU & Russia). Catholic leaders in Ukraine should be more clear about this protest & its potential consequences. But the best thing to do as Catholics in the US is Prayer, like you posted. The power of Christian prayer is stronger than any earthly force intent on death.

    • Alma Peregrina

      As a portuguese (and so, member of the EU), all I can say to fellow catholics is this:

      They will consume the catholic soul of your country… and those economic oasis they promise you, you’ll have to pay them to the last penny, plus usurary interests. Not worth it, keep away, don’t even poke it with a stick!

  • “And if the only language that Yanukovych, his governmental cronies, and his financial backers understand is the language of power, then it falls to Western governments to apply effective force to those who have deliberately put a major European capital in flames while attacking unarmed people with impunity.”

    Effective force?! Weigel remains a warmonger.

    Still, prayers for the people of Ukraine are indeed in order. Prayers, that is, for peace.

    • Catholic Fast Food Worker

      Yes, although I’ve enjoyed some of the stuff by Mr. Weigel, he does hold to some Pro-War mongering positions that are clearly and obviously NOT Catholic. Despite Blessed Pope JP2’s clear protests against the Iraq War not fulfilling the Christian definitions of Just War, Mr. Weigel, himself a Catholic, choose & continues to chose to ignore the important Catholic teaching on War, in more than that instance. This makes him, frankly, a severe cafeteria Catholic, which one would expect from Leftists but can also occur in GOP’ers as demonstrated by Weigel. People, be orthodox faithful Catholics- not “conservative” or “liberal” Catholics. Is that so hard? If the Church speaking in the voice of Christ Jesus says War is ugly & against Christian values of Life, why go around supporting wars just because the GOP supports them? Doesn’t make sense. Fidelity to Catholic faith & Truth should be the #1 loyalty of public Catholic individuals.

      • BillyT92679

        I don’t think anyone is angling for war over Ukraine. But something has to be done. It’s meet the new boss, same as the old boss, with Russian hegemony. Tsarism, Communism, whatever. It’s all the Bear trying to influence the region.

        And I am a Russophile overall.

  • With an icon and a newspaper in hand, current events should make us reflect upon the boundaries of theology:

  • kirthigdon

    Note the report from today’s LA Times of Ukrainian police killed, wounded, captured and in retreat after being fired upon by armed demonstrators. Would the US regime, which has been so sanctimonious toward the Ukrainian regime, permit this kind of “demonstration” in DC on the part of tea party or OWS partisans? I think not. Again, prayer is needed, not taking sides.,0,2375480.story#axzz2trT0qvBR
    Kirt Higdon

    • BillyT92679

      I just look at it as these are our co-religionists, our fellow Catholics, persecuted by a corrupt regime.