Profound Evil

Thing that Used to be Conservatism Talking Head Kevin O’Leary says 3.5 Billion people living in poverty is “fantastic news”.

This is pure Darwinian contempt for the weak. It has no relationship whatsoever to the teaching of Christ. It is, in fact, anti-christ and those who profess this philosophy risk the everlasting fires of hell as surely as those who advocate abortion and sodomy. This man is rejoicing at the oppression of the poor, plain and simple. Oh sure, he does it in the name of some theory of survival of the fittest (much as abortion advocates advocate their evil in the name of some Greater Good). But what this man cheers for is nonetheless one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. Don’t buy this filth or you stand a very good chance of having a closer look at Dives fiery couch of luxury than you might like.

Pray for Kevin O’Leary and all who think like him. They are in as grave a spiritual danger as a partial birth abortionist, particularly because so many Christians heap approval on their monstrously evil philosophy.

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