Quote of the Day

“Just watched American ice dancers & realized, yet again, what a low, graceless caveman I am.”  – Tod Worner

I hear you my fellow monobrowed, hippo-legged goober.  Dance, for some, is the liberating experience of extending the spirit into the grace of muscle and sinew transforming space and making man a creature who can sense and portray the freedom of flight while still earthbound.

For me, it is a seismic event, like a drunken troll trying to put his pants on and failing.  I envy those who can dance.

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  • Tom

    Just so long as it ain’t Liturgical Dance…

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    For me, it is the quickest way I know to demonstrate to a person that I am a terminally dorky man. Well, it’s always good for a cheap laugh, anyhow.