Really Big Numbers are Things We Can’t Really Conceive

But Hank Green has fun trying:

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    The difference in one million and one billion is really mind-blowing when he puts it that way, instead of it just being more zeros on a page. I wonder how many seconds in one trillion? *Off to do some math*

    • Anders

      Which brings to mind John C. Wright’s novel Count to a Trillion. What would you do if you discovered the human race was being invaded by an interstellar armada…one trillion seconds from now?

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        No spoilers! I’m only half-way through it. Menelaus just woke up.
        If my math is correct, that gives us about 12,600 years.

        • Sigroli

          I got 31, 688 years. Where did I go wrong?

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            Might not be you. It might be me. I shall re-figure.