Du Pont Heir Spared Jail…

for raping 3 year old daughter. Seems the judge decided the poor baby would not “fare well” in Level 5 detention. Happily, poor people *thrive* there, so there are still lots of candidates to be sent there.

Favorite quote:

“O’Neil added the sentence “raised questions” about the treatment of wealthy people wealth by the justice system.”

Hey, let’s watch that class envy talk, mister. You are talking about our suffering and beleagured Job Creators here. Haven’t they suffered enough?

In other news, a homeless man who stole $100 because he was hungry, but then returned it out of shame, continues to serve a 15 year sentence.

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  • AquinasMan

    Highlighting the general nonsense which comprises our system of jurisprudence. Rampant judicial idiocy doesn’t bode well for us pariah Christians when it becomes fashionable to prosecute Church teaching in the Halls of Justice.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Let us never forget that the American Justice system is governed completely by the Golden Rule: “Those with the most gold are exempt from the rules.”

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Don’t forget the rich kid in Texas who suffers from “affluenza” and was just TOO rich to deal with the consequences of killing four people. Poor Hispanics don’t suffer from that, so they get charged with manslaughter even if the family of the victim begs the court not to press charges.

    • S. Murphy

      I’m so sorry. [s]Must be that the poor are known to be resourceful, and the lad won’t suffer from PTSD, guilt, etc, for having killed his friend, so the full force of the law will have to ensure that he’s appropriately regretful.[/s]
      Praying for the families.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        Many thanks.

  • Adolfo

    Well, that does it…I’m going to be pissed off for the rest of the day.

  • Matthew

    We do not have a “justice system”. We have a “legal system”. There is a difference.

  • African-Americans were well aware of this practice. We just assumed it was the law of the land…..like Obamacare.

  • Billy Bean

    I can’t possibly overstate my disgust at the “evolving” notions of justice in Western culture, so let me tragically understate it: This sucks.