For the life of me, I do not understand…

…the minds and hearts of people who read this thoroughly human and beautiful story and come away only with something to complain about. I love this guy so much!

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  • Carson

    Seriously? It’s expressive of a weird kind of narcissism. Both the act and the confession. I’m not scandalized, just find it very strange.

    • Michelle

      The act was the act of a Catholic from a traditionally Catholic culture, in which the compulsion to take a relic from a deceased saint can be overwhelming. But he also—take careful note, my judgmental friend—loved this priest deeply, so much so that he only noticed the relic and took it *after* giving the deceased something himself (the flowers, which no one else thought to give).

      As for the confession, the Pope was sharing a personal story. In my opinion, to label that narcissism is what is weird and very strange.

      • Carson

        Yes, I find it narcissistic, putting himself and his own needs and desires at the center of the moment. No apologies on that score.

        • Michelle

          “Yes, I find it narcissistic, putting himself and his own needs and desires at the center of the moment. No apologies on that score.”

          Wow! It’s like you can read his very soul! And from continents away and via the medium of a news account!

          What an amazing gift you have there, Carson.

        • Marthe Lépine

          Do you mean that you object to the fact that Pope Francis is a human being like most of us and consider that he should not be allowed to ever share anything personal with anyone in a normal conversation? That IS strange! By the way, IMHO, you are the one being a narcissist when you have a compulsion to publish in a blog your personal opinion about such a personal matter…

        • Francisco J Castellanos

          Tsk, tsk. In your insulting interpretation of Pope Francis’
          behavior, you seem to be using the primitive defense mechanism of projection, one of the classic symptoms of Phariseeism Disorder.
          Get help, I beg you brother.
          Or better yet, take an encounter with the Living Christ, and call me in the morning.