For the life of me, I do not understand…

…the minds and hearts of people who read this thoroughly human and beautiful story and come away only with something to complain about. I love this guy so much!

  • Carson

    Seriously? It’s expressive of a weird kind of narcissism. Both the act and the confession. I’m not scandalized, just find it very strange.

    • Michelle

      The act was the act of a Catholic from a traditionally Catholic culture, in which the compulsion to take a relic from a deceased saint can be overwhelming. But he also—take careful note, my judgmental friend—loved this priest deeply, so much so that he only noticed the relic and took it *after* giving the deceased something himself (the flowers, which no one else thought to give).

      As for the confession, the Pope was sharing a personal story. In my opinion, to label that narcissism is what is weird and very strange.