Fred Phelps Dead

God have mercy on this wretched man’s soul through Christ who died for him.

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  • meunke

    I know what the latest addition to my intention list for my nightly rosary will be.

    The net is overrun with people delighting and screaming abuse at him now. Really, the best way to unmake all the damage he caused is to offer public prayer for him and his family.

  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. That is the only appropriate response I can think of to this, or to the death of any fellow human being.

  • kirthigdon

    I’ve been praying for him and I hope many others will too.

    Kirt Higdon

  • MarylandBill

    Its sad how many people hate him for hating and don’t even seen the irony. Like others here, I don’t support what he did or the hate that fueled it, but at the same time, I loathe the hate that is being directed towards him. Of course, some of those who are vocal haters of him, might have been cheering him on 40 years ago.

  • Eerie de Veré

    Some blog and news reports are suggesting he died disfellowshipped from Westboro Baptist Church. If so, he truly died a lonely man since reportedly most of WBC’s members are his family and extended family.

  • bob

    It makes a creepy scene to imagine his (mourning? ) family in a hospice, wanderingthe halls helpfully crying “Thank God for”….Kidney failure, cancer, emphysema, dementia, alzheimers, sroke. What a generation he has raised and catechised.

  • Elaine S.

    According to this article by a Kansas newspaper editor, Fred Phelps may have been excommunicated from his “church” because he had begun to question their tactics and wanted to “dial down the hate”. If that is true — we’ll probably never know for sure — then maybe he repented, or was at least moving in that direction, before his death.

    The same article also points out one good thing that arose from this evil: the creation of the Patriot Guard to honor fallen soldiers.