Hey Cincinnati! I’m coming your way this Friday!

Underneath a terrifyingly huge mug shot of Yr Obdt Svt, Catholic Beat has the scoop!:

Mar. 7, Apologist and Writer Mark Shea at Immaculate Heart of Mary parish (Anderson Twp., OH), 7:30 pm. Topic: How Do You Become Catholic When You Happen to Already Be One?” First in Lenten speaker series. Evening begins at 6:45 with Rosary, followed by Stations of the Cross at 7 and speaker at 7:30. For information call (513) 388-4466.

See you then!

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  • BillyT92679

    Dale Ahlquist is coming to St Josaphat’s in Buffalo Friday (my church in the suburb of Cheektowaga). The new Chesterton Academy is starting up at the old parish church in the Fall.

  • CJ

    I’m telling all my neighbors: Hide yo kids, hide yo wives

  • Jonathan

    To my hometown? To the parish of my youth? I hope I can be there!