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"Mark, I personally know conservative Christian Trump/Moore supporters that have sacrificed their own personal lives ..."

What is Christianism?
"Besides, Scaevola brought into the equation the morality of the Catholic in choosing their vote. ..."

The Base of the Party of ..."
"Your excuse making for these lies is noted."

What is Christianism?
"Your defense of Christianism is noted. Christians listen to truth, even when it hurts. Christianists ..."

What is Christianism?

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  • Julie Peitz Nickell

    Praise God a million times. I watched the Church Channel while on vacation in North Carolina and was horrified by the overt and outright anti-Catholicism on some of the programs. Like the Methodist minister who was in St. Peter’s square, blowing a ram’s horn (what was that about?), telling vile lies about the church and claiming that the “Vatican police” didn’t like the truth and so grabbed him forcefully and threw him off the grounds (but the camera somehow didn’t catch that part.)

    • Jon W

      blowing a ram’s horn (what was that about?)

      Probably a reference to Joel 2:1 or maybe the shofar of, for example, Exodus 19:6. Evangelical Protestants get their histrionic theatricals almost exclusively from the Old Testament.

      • Jem

        It’s from Revelation 11:15, it’s the Seventh Trumpet. Jewish tradition is that the shofar is the thing on earth that sounds most like God’s voice.

        • Jon W

          That too. :-)

    • Mark.

      Shofar, sho good!