Leah Libresco reports from CPAC

I can imagine few more concentrated forms of Lenten penance than being sentenced by The American Conservative to cover CPAC, but Leah handles her doom with grace and aplomb and her customary joie de vivre:

She covers the GOP’s struggle against death by demographics.  She also writes about the consequences of experimenting on the electorate and the debate over Snowden.

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  • BillyT92679

    The demographic one brings out the racist commenters. I laugh because it really shows how stupid they are. Blaming “3rd world invaders” while never pointing the finger at white folks, you know, aborting and, especially, contracepting themselves out of existence.

    Always the immigrants/person of color’s fault in their minds

    • Dave G.

      Who’s minds? I went to the demographics one (the first link) and I found one comment that said it’s immigration’s fault (that would be ‘Sam’s’ comment). Most pointed to the idea that conservatives and racists are one and the same. Or that it’s the fault of the GOP for not being multi-racial. Where are *those* comments showing the racist commenters?

      • BillyT92679

        for example Dave:

        17 Responses to CPAC Learns Why the Racial Learning Curve Breaks

        Chris Mallory says:

        March 6, 2014 at 6:08 pm

        If Republicans would adopt a two pronged approach of ending the massive invasion of 3rd Worlders to the US and work at getting the White vote out, then there would be no “doomed by demographics” problem. Romney lost because Whites stayed home during the last election.

        • Dave G.

          I’m not finding that. I’m looking at the first link, I thought that was the one. Not that I’m doubting it could be said. Far from it. Though I find that, personally, the old distinctions are breaking down, as those called ‘conservative’ act like liberals were supposed to act in the day, and those called ‘liberal’ are beginning to use terms and phrases and promote things once associated with the hardcore Right.

  • wlinden

    Ah, CPAC. Where those no-good libertarians “rig the vote” by underhandedly showing up.

  • MarioM

    CPAC is the political version of those commercial autograph sessions where you pay $20 and collect the autographs of washed up celebrities.