Pope Francis Bows…

to House Plant, Refrigerator. Authors of Rorate Caeli declare onset of End Times, strip naked, run in snow screaming about neo-catholic spiders crawling all over them, taken in for psych eval. Entire readership books passage to small island off the coast of Italy to await return of Jesus in “Hit the Reset Button” semi-parousia with St. Peter, who will name “true Pope” and then return to heaven until “Real Deal Parousia” on Last Day.

Eye of the Tiber vows to issue clarifying statement “in a month or so, once they’re all gone.”

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  • Rosemarie


    The scary thing about that satire piece is that, judging from the comments, some people are not “getting” it. I’m beginning to wince every time I learn of another online satire involving Pope Francis, since each one just seems to (unintentionally) add to the misinformation about him that’s out there.

    • Shawna Mathieu

      It’s worse, actually.I was on a message board where someone was exploding in righteous indignation over one of their articles, thinking it was real. I gently pointed out that it’s from a satire site – it’s not real. Instead of admitting they didn’t bother to look close enough they said it was EotT’s fault for not mentioning they’re a satire site in big letters on every page. Then they said that EotT was “blasphemous” and deliberately trying to delude the poor faithful that aren’t as evolved as they are. They backed this up by declaring The Onion was “ungodly”, and if EotT was emulating them, well, they were ungodly, too. I am not making this up.

      • chezami

        The Perfecti live in serene assurance that the Other is always the sinner.

      • That person must be a lot of fun to be around.

      • Oy vey.

  • James H, London

    I had to muffle my snorts at that one! Great!

  • Ken

    Is the refrigerator’s owners manual in Latin? If so, I’m cool with it but if it’s in English I’m furious.