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"Interesting discussion on some points. What Trump Administration is doing to immigrant families is truly ..."

I had Lillian Vogl, the Chairwoman ..."
"Maybe I grew up in a moderately cynical household--My Dad despised the Kennedy family. He ..."

Some thoughts on the Royal Wedding
"Lillian Vogl should join run as a Democrat in 2020. She's definitely not going to ..."

I had Lillian Vogl, the Chairwoman ..."
"I would. Anything for a Buckley-style purge of the pro-life movement. Abby Johnson is the ..."

I had Lillian Vogl, the Chairwoman ..."

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Is there something significant about mackerel snappers and Catholicism? The Crescat has “Mackerel Snapping Papist” on her blog, there’s the blog you linked above, and I’m sure I’ve seen it at at least one other Catholic site somewhere. Did I miss the mackerel memo?

    • chezami

      It’s an old gibe about fish on Fridays.