This is pretty fun

Finnish girl knows the tune, but not the words of various languages:

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  • James H, London

    That girl is a genius – “Like, Hello?” LOL!

  • I’ve noticed that it’s a worthwhile preparation for speaking a foreign language to practice speaking your own language in that foreign accent.

    • Steve P

      Yeah, Jon – that’s about all the farther I ever get. Then I wonder why they don’t understand me!

    • said she

      My late husband – a native Norwegian – was sometimes accused of speaking English with a Norwegian accent, because the Norskis stole so many English words.

      Me: I always sounded like I had a bad American accent, no matter what language I attempted. Even at home! “Like, Hello?” even sounds wrong, when I say it.

  • Does anyone here have the charism of interpreting tongues?

  • faithandfamilyfirst

    Is she single?

    • I hear you. Although I cannot wait for the current fashion in glasses to change. Who decided we all needed to look like Far Side characters?