Why is The Imaginative Conservative So Great?

Among other reasons, because you can get Fr. Dwight discussing Myth and Joseph Pearce discussing Chesterton on education, not to mention pieces like The Music of the Spheres, Reading the Iliad in the Light of Eternity, and The World of Ray Bradbury.

Great site.  Like The American Conservative, it actually wants to conserve something.

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  • Noah Doyle

    I think Disqus may have eaten my comment..

    Another reason I love it, at least:


  • ivan_the_mad

    Russell Kirk writes of the necessity of art to conservatism, especially that of the poet. The same principle is made elsewhere by others. TIC is realizing this beautifully.

  • Elmwood

    meh, so tired of the labeling “conservatism” and “liberalism”. “isms”–at least philosophical isms–are usually bad and not reconcilable with our faith–a sign contradicted. today’s conservatism means so many things that i don’t think it is a very useful term.

    behold: Anchorage Republican Women’s Club, complete with photos of women shooting assault rifles! “conservatism” at its finest.

    • Noah Doyle

      So, they’re shooting guns (with a vanishingly small chance any of those are assault rifles). What does that have to do with conservatism, or Catholicism?

      And what on the Imaginative Conservative site do you find that is irreconcilable with the Catholic faith?

      • Elmwood

        what does conservatism have to do with catholicism? was Jesus “conservative” when he said to love your enemy and to turn the other cheek? was it conservative for the church to condemn slavery, nuclear weapons and the arms race?

        conservatism as an ethos is completely subjective, our faith is as much conservative as it is liberal. IMO, most GOP conservatism is stupid. don’t believe me, take a look at that website.

        the church is here to help people encounter Jesus. it doesn’t claim to offer political solutions for the world as “conservatism” does. that’s why it took hundreds of years for the church to condemn slavery.

        the church is here in the present, where God is, not in some monarchy utopia of the past or in some dark enlightenment of the future.

        • chezami

          What do baseball, aquarium enthusiasm, meteorology, haute cuisine, Futurama, and Beethoven have to do with Catholicism? Catholicism is interested in all things human, imaginative (and unimaginative) conservatism and liberalism among them. I like the Imaginative Conservative and it’s my blog and I’m a Catholic. That’s that it has to do with Catholicism.

          I also think The West Wing was a brilliantly written show.

          • Elmwood

            i think the american conservative and imaginative conservative are good, just that conservative means different things to different people. sometimes good, sometimes not good, just like liberalism. i think these publications are showing the good side of conservatism.

            for republican women in anchorage, it means shooting assault rifles with silencers on them. i like silencers and assault rifles too, just not sure what it has to do with conservatism.

            conservative can be bad if it attempts to conserve what is bad, like trickle down wealth (which we know isn’t conservative).