A conservatism that conserves?

What kind of crazy granola-eating hippy wrote this?

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A Christian approach to Gun Rights ..."
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A Christian approach to Gun Rights ..."

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  • Dave G.

    Huh? Did the link go somewhere other than where the post suggests?

    • chezami

      Oops. Wrong link. Fixed.

  • elizacoop

    What a babbling egghead! Probably smokes pot, too. Does he not know that “conservative” is just one tribal designation among many in America now? That the word denotes marching in lock-step behind ignorant talking heads and former half-term governors who probably haven’t read a book (at least, a book at an adult reading level) in years?

  • ivan_the_mad

    It is my firm belief that Panichas will one day be esteemed every bit as much as Kirk for conserving conservatism.