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I thought you and your readers might be interested in my first novel, published by Lion Fiction (the largest Christian publisher in Britain).

Edwin: High King of Britain tells the true story of the first king of Northumbria to become a Christian, his rise to power and what he does with it. To our astonishment, Bernard Cornwell (the author of the Sharpe novels) read it and liked it enough to provide a cover quote – and this sits very well with what Lion are trying to do with this imprint as publisher Tony Collins explains in an interview with Library Journal: “We’re trying to offer spirituality in fiction form but without an agenda, because most books on the Christian faith have something to sell, and that compromises the integrity of the novel.”

I’d previously written a non-fiction book about the history and archaeology of Northumbria and, when researching that and learning about the story of the three successive king of Northumbria, Edwin, Oswald and Oswy, I remember thinking it was such an extraordinarily good story that someone must have already written about it. Turns out, the field was clear, so I set to, and here is the result.

Seems worth checking out.

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  • Edoardo Albert

    Thank you very much for posting this, Mark. If readers are interested, there’s a good review (by which I don’t just mean flattering but a review that clearly understands the point and purpose of the book) at Publishers Weekly – the link is here: