Blast from the Past

Does anybody else remember the Nihil Obstat blog, devoted entirely to correcting the grammar and punctuation of other Catholic blogs? Good times. Good times.

"You see this? This is my head meeting my desk."

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What a Time to Be Alive!
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  • Jim McCullough

    Nihil’s next to last comment was directed at someone else we miss SecretAgentMan–whatever happened to him?

  • Rosemarie


    I remember.

  • Of course I remember… I think about Nihil Obstat often whenever I come across an error on a Catholic blog, and I miss him even though I escaped correction for the most part as I think as far as correcting my errors was concerned, I was a lost cause….

  • Elaine S.

    I remember way back in the Stone Age, before the internet, I worked for a small weekly newspaper and would occasionally receive anonymous letters from someone who signed himself as simply “The Nitpicker”. The Nitpicker would enclose clippings from our most recent issue with typos, spelling and grammatical errors marked. One such letter said “This shows the incompetance of your proofreader” — and sure enough, “incompeTENCE” was spelled wrong! We never found out for certain who The Nitpicker was, although we had several “suspects”, and the letters ceased after one of them died.