Dominicans and Harry Potter

What’s not to love?  A fine  Youtube series that takes a look at the world of Harry Potter from a Catholic perspective and does a reasonable job of assessing the plusses and minuses.  I don’t buy everything in the analysis, but on the whole I’m very pleased to see a (typically smart) Dominican take on the books. Beware of the fat Irish troll they quote in the second video,  but aside from that, thumbs up.

"Truly brilliant clip."

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  • Dave G.

    My boys frequently discuss Potter, what it is and how it compares to other books they’ve read. My third hasn’t read all of it yet (our youngest at four and a half isn’t quite there). I finally got through the series, but only to make it official. I’m not a fantasy fan and probably didn’t read it close enough for in depth analysis. My older two, however, have read the books more than once and offer some pretty interesting insights. But I think the best one was from my ever witty second oldest. When shown the titanic clashes on the internet about all things Potter, he said it was like watching parents go crazy at little league games. Most kids he knew who read Potter liked it or didn’t and moved on. It was the adults who went wacky and began ripping each other apart over what it was or wasn’t. I’ve not been able to think of it outside of the image of parents starting fights at little league games since he said it. And thinking about all the hoopla over the years, I’d say he wasn’t too far off the mark.