“Mark!” People Ask Me, “Why Did You Become a Catholic Writer?”

“Was it because of the vast riches?  The women who fling themselves at you during your globe-trotting investigative journalism junkets to exotic locales?  The cocaine-fueled parties with Jimmy Akin, Patrick Madrid, and the entire Dominican order?  The mimosas at poolside with Gwyneth Paltrow as you plan the destruction of all that is good and holy and the transformation of the Church into a modernist Protestant sect with you as pastor?”

Well, Random Citizen, I’ll tell you.  As obviously true of my life as these things are, the number one reason I became a writer about the Faith is that I love watching the lights come on when somebody who was previously hostile to or baffled by the Catholic faith has the lights come on and they say, “Oh!  Now I get it!  That’s beautiful!  Thanks be to God!”  I love that so much!

So I naturally love Matthew Tyson’s piece about getting the Eucharist.