A society that feels it needs an app to tell it when to go pee during the movie showing preternaturally hot and fit superheroes killing our enemies in fiery explosions (for freedom!).

Afterward, we walk 20 yards to the car and are out of breath from the exertion.

And that’s why we are the greatest country in the world, foreigners. And it’s why you envy us so much. Because you hate us for our freedom.

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  • silicasandra

    Alternative purpose for the app: here is the boring part, so feel free to start smooching your date. Before she finds out you have an app called “Run Pee”.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Bread and circuses.
    Russia is setting up a scenario for the next war. Terrorism is on the rise. Our economy is poised on the brink of another big mess. Millions of kids still go to bed hungry every night. Friday’s lead story on the news feed? One of the Olsen twins is buying a house.

  • Beadgirl

    I saw Return of the King when I was nine months pregnant with my oldest, and I had to pee pretty much every hour. Fortunately, having read the books a gazillion times, I knew when there would be lulls in the action and which scenes I absolutely did not want to miss (Eowyn and Merry killing the Witch King; Sauron’s realization that the ring was so close to Mount Doom), and I timed my bathroom breaks accordingly. On my second break, I saw another movie had gotten out and there were scores and scores of women headed to the bathrooms. In terror of getting caught in such a long line, I actually broke out into a run to beat the crowds.

    In sum: have pity on heavily pregnant women watching long movies.