…may best defined as that period in history when you can think whatever idiocy you like about Jesus Christ (including the utter folly of imagining he never existed) but there is only one way you may think about gay “marriage” or about our supposed total understanding of an infinitely complex three billion year old eco-system.

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  • Hematite

    The next frontier will be the law of gravity and the speed of light, both of which are ripe for deconstruction!

  • Dave G.

    I think post-modern is simply a way of saying there never was a desire for a liberal, open society. There was just a new set of absolutes seeking to replace the old ones.

  • jroberts548

    I don’t understand the joke structure. Why is one of the condemned men interrogating another one? Who’s the wizard? Apart from their values as political totems, what do gay marriage (a policy question) and climate change (a chiefly empirical question) have to do with each other?

    It’s this sort of lazy, incoherent political “cartooning” that led America to the mess it’s in today.

    • Tom

      It’s the classic “What are you in for?” joke so common when describing inmates. The wizard presumably represents the priests so often present at executions in days past (even if not the French Revolution). “Climate change” is frequently turned into a political issue, specifically through what policies should be implemented to stop this presumed trend. At any rate, both issues are usually held by believers in them to be so self-evidently true (that is, that homosexual marriage is equivalent to heterosexual marriage and should be allowed, and that anthropogenic climate change is real and will lead to devastation) that all debaters are tantamount to heretics. Look no further than the Brendan Eich debacle or Adam Weinstein’s open desire to jail scientists who deny global warming for examples of this trend.

    • Dbom

      “climate change (a chiefly empirical question)”

      Haha- good one.

      Yeah, it’s all about the science. Got ya…

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    James Inhofe has been guillotined, Edward Egan has been burned at the stake. Both are forever silenced.

    Yeah right :-/

    But I guess to reactionaries who enshrine their bigotry in law, yet believe that a sticker is intolerable prejudice:

    …or believe that King Canute was a wuss:

    …then saying, “I disagree; you’re wrong,” must really seem like an Auto-da-Fe