Why I Love Flying Southwest Airlines

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  • Glenn

    I once heard a SWA flight attendant tell us to wear our seatbelts “low and tight across your lap just like Brittany Spears wears her pants.”

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Any time I’ve flown Southwest, we’ve always had equally fun and entertaining stewardesses. I guess it compensates for being crammed like a pretzel into a narrow seat with way too many people crammed into a hollow metal tube.
    I’m more than a little afraid that Purgatory is going to be one long flight on Southwest Airlines.

    • Mariana Baca

      If so, frequent flights on SWA while on Earth might get us time off?

  • SoftBatch

    Funny, I would have called that “Why I Hate Flying Southwest Airlines.” But that’s just me embracing my inner curmudgeon.

  • Paxton Reis

    While on a SWA flight on approach into Las Vegas last May, the flight attendant thank us for using SWA, wished us a good stay in Vegas, and then stated,

    “Remember, what happens in Vegas…”

    Many passengers shouted out, “Stays in Vegas.”

    Attendant: “No, ends up on Youtube.”

    Sound advice.

  • B.E. Ward

    This is the version of Southwest that is gradually disappearing. Operational issues, a growing disgrunt among employees, and an airline run by bean counters are the new normal for them. It’s not Herb’s airline anymore.

    Then there’s the funky stockade boarding system, the fact that their fares are often higher than the competition, and the lack of assigned seating….

    And for the folks that say “Hey, at least the bags are free.”: Give it 3 years, max.

    • sjay1956

      I like the lack of assigned seating, the fares are lower from my home airport (a SWA hub), and, hasn’t it been three years already? As long as those conditions prevail, SWA is my first choice and every other airline, my last.