Chinese Commies Act…

exactly the way the Roman Imperial authorities acted as they struggled to crush the growing Christian Church.

Note to Chinese commies: The center of the Christian Church is now Rome. Consider that a sign of what’s to come.

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  • kirthigdon

    Chinese Commies??? China is the world’s leading example of authoritarian corporate capitalism, with a higher ratio on the GINI index (measure of income inequality) than any major country other than Brazil. Yes, it’s ruled by a party that calls itself Communist, but then the US is ruled by a party which calls itself Democratic. And the US imprisons more people than China, which has four times the US population, but it’s China that most often gets called a police state.

    Kirt Higdon

    • Andy, Bad Person

      How many otherwise-prisoners are simply executed?

      • kirthigdon

        Yes, China leads the US and the rest of the world combined in executions – ballpark number of 10,000 per year. Of course, back in the days when the Chicoms really were Communists, they executed/starved to death people by the tens of millions.

        Kirt Higdon

        • Andy, Bad Person

          I didn’t know the numbers at all; I was hypothesizing.

    • Dave G.

      On the other hand, China trounces us in its execution rate. I guess there’s something to be said about that approach.

    • sbark

      China is certainly authoritarian. However, it’s economic system is far from capitalist. It is less of a centrally planned economy than it used to be but it isn’t capitalist.

      • kirthigdon

        China has a stock market which both Chinese citizens and foreigners can invest in and private and joint ownership of many companies. Yes it has central planning as do most advanced economies including the US. Capitalism does not equate to a completely free market. The latter exists only as an economic model. The underground economy of any country comes closest to the model.

        Kirt Higdon

  • Sean P. Dailey

    Well this combox got off topic quick. Mark posts a link and commentary about Chinese oppression of Christians, and immediately people fall to splitting hairs over how communist China really is, and how many people they execute.

    Distracted much?

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      The internet taps into all of our natural ADD tendencies.

  • Clarenini

    Mark wrote:
    “Note to Chinese commies: the center of the Christian Church is now Rome”

    Unfortunately this is not true as far as the realities of Christian life in the PRC. In the 1940’s the ration of Catholics to Protestants was 75% to 25% in favor of holy mother church. At the present those numbers have now flipped so that 75% of Chinese Christians are now some kind of Protestant in either an illegal house church or as a member of a government approved congregation.

    Catholic life in China is vibrant, dynamic and growing and is in dramatic contrast to the depressing spectacle of so many moribund dioceses and smug, spiritually dead parishes in America. At the same time Chinese Catholics are deeply and angrily split between the government sanctioned Patriotic Catholic Association and the underground congregations.

    I am always inspired by our brothers and sisters in China but they are falling further and further behind an explosion of Evangelical fervor.

  • bob

    Center of the church is Rome. That is the unspoken joke about the “historic” meeting (justifiably ignored by most people everywhere) of Pope and *one* Orthodox patriarch last week. Everyone who did notice it was given the usual message that the Orthodox have a pope of their own, which they don’t, and the “center” of that is the Muslim city Istanbul. Wrong twice. Not all Christians think there is one place that defines christendom, yet they can be one in faith. That’s why last week’s meeting meant so very , very little.