Good News! NOW’s 28 Year Battle to Smash Prolife Speech has Ended in Defeat

They have to pay Joe Scheidler’s and other prolife activists’ court costs. I hope it bankrupts the little fascists.

Hurray for good guys winning!

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  • Ken Crawford

    Somehow I don’t think $63k in court costs is going to bankrupt NOW.

    People often miss the significant difference between “legal fees”, which generally includes the costs of the lawyers (which in cases like this can be millions) and “court costs” which is just various filing fees that the clerk’s office charges and even in a big case like this is measured in the tens of thousands.

    • Tom A.

      We can always hope. :)

    • IRVCath

      True. But the next time there might be court injunctions. Unless, of course, DeBlasio gets his way, in which case we have bigger things to worry about.

  • Athelstane

    “Hurray for good guys winning!”

    Amen to that, Mark.

    Joe has been a warrior for life these many years.

    NOW won’t be bankrupted by court costs, as Ken notes, but it will sting them to have to do it.

  • Randy Gritter

    The court costs are a joke. The Thomas Moore League must have done most of the work pro bono. Somehow all those hours are not registering. If they did a 28 year suit would never be limited to $63,000 odd. NOW should compensate all those lawyers who volunteered time on this.

    • Benjamin2.0

      NOW should compensate all those lawyers who volunteered time on this.

      … and all the ones who didn’t, too, while we’re at it.

  • neveraname

    I looked up the NOW membership numbers last year. All of about 380. But the PP toadies will toss in the chump change to pay the Thomas More lawyers. Hooray for Joe but that the RICO statute was applied to sidewalk counselors was ludicrous way back then. And that it took 28 years! If you read the story you’ll see the phrase “the remaining defendants” because a lot of them are dead and enjoying the Beatific Vision. God bless the Thomas More lawyers and Joe Scheidler.