Just to be Clear

#MeriamIbrahim = Courageous use of social media to protest an obvious evil and advocate an obvious good.

#bringbackourgirls = Stupid morally preening narcissistic slacktivism.

Why? Because the former is approved by Manufacturers of Thought in the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism and the latter is condemned by those same Manufacturers of Thought (due to ritual impurity from contact with Michelle Obama) and a large percentage of consumers of that Manufactured Thought do as they are told and mutually reinforce one another while ostracizing those who notice the cognitive dissonance.

If, however, you think with the Church and not with tribal allegiances, it is obvious that both causes have merit and that it does not matter that the latter happens to have been picked up in liberal circles. You rejoice that people in liberal circles are protesting an obvious evil and advocating an obvious good and don’t worry about who gets the credit.

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  • Eve Fisher

    Amen. I’ve heard some conservatives argue that Boko Haram just laughs at our tweets – and they may – but then I’m sure that Bull Connor and George Wallace had a good chuckle over the sit-ins of 1964. Basically, who cares what the perpetrators of evil think? Let them laugh their heads off. Almost all real, significant, systemic change has come NOT via military action or violence but from accumulating non-violent, prayerful thoughts, words and deeds (some of them very trivial, very minor), in the face of ridicule and contempt.

    • LFM

      “Bull Connor and George Wallace had a good chuckle over the sit-ins of 1964.” I don’t doubt that you’re right, but their power to punish their critics was to some degree at least restrained by the rule of law. They could use dogs and fire hoses on protestors but not torture them, or not without great caution. They could jail protestors but not abduct them nor sell them into slavery. While Boko Haram cannot punish its Western critics directly, it can punish the Nigerian school girls and other random Nigerians who displease them, whose living conditions are very different from ours and even from those which prevailed in the US in 1954-64. I hope the bring-back-our-girls tweets don’t do any harm, but I fear that they might.

  • Mariana Baca

    Which is not surprising, almost all public figures with online public presence prefer Twitter.

  • Mariana Baca

    The problem is that everyone knows Colbert is joking, but except for her fans, most people think Coulter is dead serious. It is not a good joke people aren’t in on it.