No Fault Divorce in Practice…

means that when a woman gets ill, her husband can ditch her for a younger model–and it’s not his fault!

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  • Shawna Mathieu

    Have you heard of covenant marriage? It was something that several different states put into effect as a marriage option about a decade ago. Main difference? If a couple starts having problems and want to end the marriage, they have to have counseling and requires a year-long separation before a divorce is granted. The usual type of marriage is offered when getting a marriage license. You also have the option that, if you had a regular marriage in or out of state, you can apply to have the form changed to that of covenant marriage.
    Liberals absolutely exploded with rage. This was going to oppress women! Men would force their fiancées to agree to this kind of marriage! Churches would use it as a weapon. Women would be trapped in abusive relationships (never mind there’s an emergency clause that gets rid of that year-long separation in cases of abuse)! These type of marriages should be illegal because it’s just wrong!
    Nearly every single state, under all this pressure, got rid of the option of covenant marriage, even though none of the liberal “predictions” ever came to pass. Arkansas is the only state in the US that still has it as an option. It’s really rare – something less than 5% of couples pick that form of marriage. When we moved here, the priest at our new parish, when we brought up the topic, said that, in the past 5 years, only one engaged couple went with covenant marriage.
    The very people who say everyone has the right to be married however they choose, were the EXACT SAME PEOPLE who protested covenant marriage. Apparently “marriage equality” doesn’t apply in this case.

  • W. Cedar

    They don’t say what happens to the women who are ill after their husbands divorce them. As awful as that sounds we have no idea how these men treated their wives before leaving them. Perhaps they actively or passively blocked medical care for their wives and refused to help them as they got progressively sicker. Perhaps they steered off their wives’ helpful friends, and actively discouraged their wives at every turn. If a husband like that leaves the wife can now get the help she needs.
    Haven’t we all been surprised when a couple who seems to have it all together is suddenly divorced? While everything may seem normal to us we don’t know what goes on once the door to their house is closed.


    Pat Robertson is very strange regarding women.