The Devil always Pays the Catholic Church Backhanded Compliments

Nobody ever does a Black Praise n’ Worship Service with Overhead Projectors, Guitars, Crackers and Grape Juice.

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Not coincidentally….

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  • John

    A normal Mass for me involves overhead projectors and banjos. Does this mean I’m safe from the devil?

    • Doug Sirman

      Not if it’s dueling banjos.. Ha! I Kill Me!

    • chezami

      The real question is: does it involve crackers and grape juice instead of the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ.

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      That was my first thought as well. Add to this that I’m pretty sure about half of the hymns were written by Peter, Paul, and Mary during an “I’m Okay/You’re Okay” fundraising event.

  • Doug Sirman

    Then again, making fun of your average P&W service with its plastic, desperate-to-be-seen-as-happy vibe, and incessant “Jesus is my boyfriend” songs would be about as much fun as punching a toddler.

  • bob

    Now you see? The great Stephen Colbert would never ever have come up with that.

  • Andy

    Nor is there Black Yoga and Brunch
    (if you want to riff on the Sunday ritual of the modern yuppie…)

  • jaybird1951

    There is no link to the article.

  • Dave G.

    Apart from the crackers and grape juice it looks like our Sunday evening youth Mass is off the hook.

    • Do you go to my parish? 😉

      • Dave G.

        Central Ohio?

        • I’m in NH. We just have a mass exactly like that. I guess it’s part of the Tradition, now. :-/

  • Flovert Colas

    Yes, I’m surprised how often Black Masses are in Latin.

  • Thibaud313