The War on Women Continues….

as Leroy Carhart sends the seventh casualty in two years to the hospital after botching yet another abortion.

To quote Anthony Kennedy, the mystic who decided Carhart’s slaughter should continue: “At the heart of liberty is the ability to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of human life.”

In a pagan culture like ours, that means more and more that the strong can to explore the mystery of when they get to kill the weak and the weak, if they live long enough, are left to ponder the mystery of why the strong get to do as they please while the weak suffer what they must.

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  • MeanLizzie

    funny, when I try to put this into twitter with “another botched abortion” it won’t let me. Over and over again.

  • Marthe Lépine

    Those 7 incidents would only be the life-threatening and/or fatal cases. Who knows about other complications, such as problems with later pregnancies, cases of later infertility resulting from abortion, subsequent grief and/or such mental health conditions as depression, etc… So- called “pro-choice”, or “anti-informed choice”, people have even claimed that it was unfair to show pregnant women considering abortion any ultra-sound picture of their “fetuses” because they look too much like babies, e.g. are afraid that a woman would not make the politically-correct choice (or maybe even afraid that the abortion clinic would lose a sale…) once she knew the truth. And what would happen if such a woman, at a later time after her abortion, came to see the ultra-sound picture of a baby and suddenly realized that she had been sold a pack of lies? What then? I read somewhere else on the Internet that 95% of women who have seen an ultra-sound of their babies change their minds and do not get the abortion they had been considering. Therefore, “pro-choice” advocates want to shove down women’s throats their own version of what morality should be.