Wonderful to See New Writers Emerging

A reader writes:

Some of your readers might be interested in supporting a young Catholic writer:

Named after the Jesuit thinker and writer, Rev. James V. Schall, the fellowship aims to advance solid Catholic thinking on topics in society, community, and morality. Each semester and summer, a new applicant will be selected for this position, which operates under the auspices of the editorial vision for Ethika Politika, and which is designed to invigorate its work in these particular areas.

The James V. Schall Fellow for Summer 2014 is Michael Bradley.

Over the past year, Michael has served as managing editor of Ethika Politika, as well as editor of the Irish Rover at the University of Notre Dame. In that time he has been instrumental in coordinating and spearheading a number of pro-family and pro-marriage initiatives, and is an emerging, thoughtful commentator on these and other topics.

Michael’s contribution to Ethika Politika has already been significant. And his tenure as James V. Schall Fellow for Summer 2014 will enable that contribution to mature and deepen.


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