Another Terrorist Brought to Justice!

Honor student charged with two felonies for making a volcano for a science project

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  • Dave G.

    Dumb. Where did common sense go in our age?

    • Benjamin2.0

      It was swapped for the opportunity to punish pre-crime. Terrorism is simply the biggest threat in the history of the world, especially in the United States, where the only thing keeping us from having the largest terrorist-related death tolls worldwide is our willingness to prosecute children for having materials which can be associated with materials which our leaders have labeled ‘dangerous’.

      • Dave G.

        I fear we lost it before our approach to terrorism post-9/11.

        • kenofken

          We began to lose it in a serious way during the Drug War with the idea that public safety is defined by putting the most Americans possible in prison, for the longest possible sentence, and on the lowest possible pretexts.

          • Benjamin2.0

            Fair points. Taken. I still blame the precogs, though.

          • That’s interesting. There was also this feeling in the 70s and beginning of the 80s that crime had gotten out of control. That’s when Bronson did the Death Wish and Eastwood the Dirty Harry movies. If you watch Barney Miller (one of the greatest sitcoms of all time), they’re all very wearily accepting of a New York in which there’s a base level of crime (in all neighborhoods, not just minority ones) that would seem horrifying to us today.

            (I recognize that all that’s art and not sociological study, but I have read that the art reflected the mood at the time.)

          • Dave G.

            I think it was even before that.

  • kmk

    Tar and feathers. Best comment after the article: “Remember when teen pregnancy was bad and science experiments were good?”

  • The involvement of the police is pretty inexplicable. It sounds like she essentially made what teenagers call a “Works bomb”. It can be a dangerous reaction, depending on how exactly you set it up. (As a chemistry teacher I mismeasured once, and the apparatus exploded and splattered hot HCl all over my goggles and lab coat. If it wasn’t for eye-protection….) If she knew what she was doing, she almost certainly should have been suspended for a few days, but why they had to make a Federal case (so-to-speak) out of it is beyond me.

    • kenofken

      Every last worthwhile chemist I’ve ever met developed their skills and appreciation at a young age by engaging in “experiments” that would get people locked away forever in Guantanamo these days.