Pope Francis Sacks Entire Board of Vatican’s Financial Watchdog

I love this guy so much.

I have a Dominican priest friend (very big, far bigger than I am, on liturgical issues and quite staunchly orthodox) who said, “I don’t really expect Francis to be a big liturgy guy. The joke among us Dominicans is ‘As lost as a Jesuit during Holy Week.’ But if he reforms the curia and the Vatican bureaucracy I will happily call his pontificate a success, and I think he’ll do it.”

My mind always goes back to that conversation. And I think Francis’ gifts to the Church will go far beyond mere bureaucratic stuff. I’m so grateful to live when I do.

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  • George

    This man is truly a light in the darkness for the Church and the world at large. The life I have seen just this one man inject into the Church has been tremendous and personally reassuring at a time when I need it most.

    • Mike

      Yeah but he doesn’t seem to be budging on doctrine ;).

  • Mike

    Reading about a Dominican always reminds me of when my wife and i were informed that the young priest with the dark skin and white robe was a Dominican and for about the next 5 years just assumed that he’d emigrated from the Dominican Republic and became a priest! Talk about being green about catholic things, but that was back in our agnostic days.

  • Michael Francis James Lee

    Vivat +Franciscum! Vivat! (and I’m one of those E.F. types)

  • JohnE_o

    I hope he has food-tasters…

  • Michael Francis Goodwin

    We really are blessed to be Catholic now.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    I’m right with your Dominican friend.

  • I’ll just be impressed if bloggers gain the right to quote the Holy Father without takedown notices.

  • JJG

    I guess we’ve finally seen one of those “Vatican crackdowns” I’ve been hearing so much about. These Augean stables really need a good cleansing, and I’m grateful Pope Francis has made this bold move in that direction.

    • petey

      “I guess we’ve finally seen one of those “Vatican crackdowns” I’ve been hearing so much about.”

      < : D

  • Hematite

    Perhaps our Holy Father may think these new non Italian board members’ families might be harder for the Mafia to menace.

    • James H, London