Scientists resurrect Spanish flu virus

What could be smarter than bringing back a deadly airborne disease that killed more people than WWI in the space of a few months?

Jesus, I trust in you.

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  • Pete the Greek

    In other news, the SciFi channel now has fodder for another two years of made for TV movies – Casper Van Dien seen high-fiving himself.

  • Did you actually read the article? There apparently was an active argument over whether we ought to be maintaining antiviral stocks and stocks of the 2009 swine flu vaccine. The paper published by this group settled that by demonstrating that The 1918 Spanish flu was vulnerable to tamiflu and the 2009 vaccine. This settles a pretty important public health point and if we get unlucky on the random combination of viral material in wild birds, may save many lives.

    As a public health threat, the Spanish flu of 1918 is a bust. We now know how to avoid a repeat of the 1918 tragedy. The only way we would be at major risk is for this group to be shut down and their style of work to be halted in the sectors of academia that actually publicly print their work.

    • Pete the Greek

      But what if the virus is spread by MANSQUITO!?!? Or possibly blown over the nation in a SHARKNADO!? Yeah, didn’t think of THAT did ya tough guy? 🙂

  • obpoet

    The benefit could be in helping to understand how to prevent the next epidemic, which is coming. Testing has shown that virus to be more than 1000 times more virulent that modern viruses.

  • petey

    My mother passed 2 months ago, she was almost 101 and remembered the flu of 1918.