I love Brandon Vogt

The guy walks the talk:

This morning, I released my newest book, The Saints’ Favorite Books: Read What They Read, Become Who They Are. It highlights fourteen saints and their favorite books and also contains a Bonus Appendix on “The Popes’ Favorite Books.”

And here’s the best part: I’m giving it away completely FREE!

Anyone who signs up for my new email list can download the book at http://SaintsFavoriteBooks.com. Here’s what Dr. Scott Hahn wrote about the book:

“As a bibliophile, I’m always looking for my next good book. But why not turn to the saints? Thanks to Brandon, we can read what they read and learn from their favorite books.”

I’m trying to share this with as many people as possible, so can you please help spread the word? I’m willing to bet your friends, family, fans, and followers appreciate free stuff. So whether you write a short blog post, share the link on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to friends, it would be a huge help.

Thanks so much!

Your brother,


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