Mike Flynn on Electrons, Photons, Transubstantiation and the Trinity

Our culture is one that deeply believes that when a High Priest called a “scientist” dons his liturgical vestment of a lab coat and mediates reality to laypeople by declaring “We believe photons and electrons behave like particles and waves and that is a mystery”, he is just stating Hard Fact that only a fool would challenge.

Yet strangely, when another sort of priest dons another sort of vestment and tells us “We believe God is one God in three persons and the Eucharist is changed in substance into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ while retaining the accidents of bread and wine and that is a mystery” it’s because he is a superstitious bumpkin.

Mike Flynn suggests that some might want to consider expanding our narrow prejudices and consider the fact that the world is a very strange place indeed and the Catholic faith might have something on the ball here. Interestingly, according to Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Albert Einstein was fascinated with Transubstantiation.

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  • BHG

    Add heat and you have a model of the Trinity…

  • LorenzoCanuck

    I have never heard of lab coats being referred to as ‘vestments’ before but now I am glad I did

  • Mark R

    1 Corinthians 2:10-16

  • Episteme

    I could see Einstein as one curious about the ‘mechanics’ of transubstantiation!

    Of course, I early had a conversation discussing whether, given the hypostatic union of the human nature of Jesus (with a Body and Blood) with the Word, if the Eucharistic Prayer was a sort of observer effect creating quantum entanglement of said Word with the species of bread and wine to ‘copy’ the original information of the Last Supper via transubstantiation. Not that miracles are explained away by physics, but that the mysteries of high end science can actually be best understood in the sort of metaphysical understanding that we Catholics (in our mediation between rationalization and acceptance of mysteries) have discussed for centuries.

    Of course, I’m also constantly tweaking my theories on ‘Quantum Molianism’ to best provide an ‘in-universe’ mechanism for constant unnoticed divine tweaking of Creation without impacting Free Will…