Pope Francis Condemns Torture as Mortal Sin

One more reason for the Greatest Catholics of All Time to complain and pettifog.

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  • Dan F.

    ::pops popcorn:: this ought to be interesting. ..

  • Observer Alpha

    Mark seems to write purely for the sake of clicks and comments (I got here via a facebook feed – I otherwise avoid this blog). His repeated bipolar swings from contrite humility to snide and/or sneering button-pushing are disturbing. The result is ever the same: what the pope said or what the Church teaches is obscured by Mark’s regular drama-queen sideshows.

    • Pete the Greek

      “Mark seems to write purely for the sake of clicks and comments”
      – As someone who makes some money on the side doing internet marketing and content generation… what’s wrong with that exactly? To be a blogger/writer who is read, you have to post content that people want to read and be entertaining (or controversial). Yes, Mark does go into drama queen nutty mode on occasion, but I don’t see exactly what the drama queen factor of these links are.

      Also… he DOES get quite a few clicks. So, he’s doing something right.

      • Alpha

        1. “Purely” is the operative word.
        2. The end of “traffic” does not justify the means of snide and sneering polemics. Especially when the blogging is intended to be AMDG.
        3. The one sentence he chose to write in this case is snide and sneering drama-queen polemics. He chose to have one message: “neener neener neener! the pope just sided with me against those stupid self-important people at these links.”

        • chezami

          One of the curious features of torture apologists is the combination of their willingness to excuse hideous pain and terror inflicted on others with their incredibly thin skin when somebody points out that they are wrong.

        • orual’s kindred

          1. I’m afraid I don’t see how that’s anything other than a subjective description.
          2. ? How can a ‘purely for the sake of clicks and comments’ blog be intended AMDG?
          3. This seems to be another subjective description. Also, people who disagree with Pope Francis and Mark Shea on this and similar matters tend to view them as Liberals/Marxists/dissidents etc. As such I would think that these same people would just have more reason in this instance to disregard him and the Pope. In what polemical sense would that line have any weight, then?

    • Tami Gregory

      When is the contrite humility evident?

    • BillyT92679

      oh stop

  • petey

    Mr Shea, weren’t you a contributor to a (very good and useful) site dedicated to stating Church teaching on torture? Is it still online?

    • I think you’re looking for the Coalition for Clarity. It’s still going, maintained by Erin Manning.

      • petey

        thank you roki, that’s just it

  • But a mortal sin will send you to hell where you will be…….