The Ugly Face of Pro-Choice America

Abortion corrupts everything it touches.

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Conservatives’ Stupidest Cause Célèbre

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  • Andy

    Cut her some slack. Clearly just upset about the minimum wage at BK.

    • Catholic pilgrim

      I work at minimum wage (fast food) & this is inexcusable. There are those in Fast Food who are prolife. This woman needs help not excuses

      • Andy

        I was being funny, it came out as tacky. No offense intended. I should see things the way Fr. Maurer does, with sympathy. Not hard to imagine she is reacting out of pain.

        • Catholic pilgrim

          It’s okay, happens to all. With the Internet lacking tone of voice & face expressions, it’s oftentimes hard for me to tell humor or sarcasm. My bad too

  • Father Jacob Maurer

    Gotta be a lot of unhealed hurt to elicit such a reaction. So many men & women wounded by abortion and the culture of abortion.

    • sez

      So very true. I meet angry women like that daily in my pro-life work (tho rarely that destructive), and I pray all the more for them. There is deep pain there.

  • Joe

    I wish they were more merciful. The video needs to be seen, but they should have blurred her face and not called the cops. She probably would have gone away. What if her employer caught wind of this?

    • sez

      I agree about blurring her face, but not about calling the cops. What she did was assault and destruction of personal property. Those are real crimes. Without any consequences, she and others like her would be emboldened to do worse in the future.

  • NML

    This is a very tormented woman. Yes I am pro-life and I have 6 children, two of whom are young adults with special needs. It is not compassionate to provoke and escalate the behavior of someone who obviously has little self restraint. Additionally photographing someone who is that wounded and sensitive (taking note of her unkempt look and crooked teeth, for which she has, especially as a woman, likely suffered ostracism) can trigger anger if not outright panic.