Boys Who Cry Wolf Are Constantly Yelling at Me…

…that Obama is a Nazi Muslim Communist Socialist Jihadi who is bent on taking all our guns, marching us into concentration camps and plotting to destroy America by having a vast force of heavily armed plague children fanning out to spread disease and terror while batting huge brown bambi eyes in order to make conservatives who want to remand them to rape, sex slavery and death at home look horrible and hard-hearted. His plan is to declare martial law, I am told, and make himself emperor-for-life. He hates our freedom like the secret Kenyan Muslim he truly is. He is, I am reliably informed, “satanic”. All true Christians should write exclusively in capital letters in sentences bearing his name. It is our plain Christian duty to hate him with all the power our soul can muster. If anybody does not do their utmost to think and speak ill of him at all times, they are suspect and should be avoided as ritually impure.

Et cetera. Et cetera.

The main problem with this “dial it up to 11″ approach?  It’s the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  If Obama hiccuping is the next bit of outrage porn proving “OBAMA IS WORST PRESIDENT EVAR!!!!1!!!1!!” it makes it difficult for average people to tell when Obama is doing something that merits actual concern and when it is just his critics having this morning’s conniption over the fact that Obama still has a pulse. That matters, because people do indeed need to oppose him in various areas. But when people get sick from outrage fatigue, it becomes difficult to care about what the panickers are panicking about today.

Here, for instance, is an actual thing to be concerned about:

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