I keep hearing complaints about Common Core Math

Makes perfect sense to me!

"Jesus did not only assure that the gates of Hell would not prevail over his ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"You should know by now, however it seems you insist on denying it because of ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"Well, all you have to do is scroll up and re-read your comments..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth
"I beg to differ: One part of the definition - without excluding other ways to ..."

Raymond Arroyo: Derision Over Truth

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  • Debbie S

    Maybe it’s due to my need for more coffee or my Kindle is acting up, but why is this dated August 16, 2014?

    • Ken Crawford

      Well, if 7×13 is 28, I don’t see why it can’t be August 16th.

      • PalaceGuard

        Well, it is now!

  • Petey

    hold on – are there people from the past in these comboxes?

    • Benjamin2.0

      The image is invisible for me due to my ridiculously high security settings, so I find this particularly eerie.

      • kenofken

        Only those of pure heart and who are of the bloodline of Paul Erdos can see it!