I love Steve Ray

A good man, a good friend, and the salt of the earth. The man is fearless. There aren’t many people I can confidently say would go to their tortured death shouting the Creed and praying for his murderers (and certainly not me, who you will probably find curled in a fetal position). But Steve Ray is somebody I think would meet his death for the Christ like St. Paul.

Here he is talking straight talk:

I remember last time he was in town, we went over to take a walk on Edmonds Beach. He told me about some kid he was sponsoring for Confirmation. Steve went out and rented a full Roman centurion costume, waited for an opportune moment, and sprang out of the darkness at the kid, brandishing a sword and shouting, “SO! YOU SAY YOU ARE A FOLLOWER OF JESUS CHRIST! IF SO, ARE YOU WILLING TO FOLLOW HIM ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE? ARE WILLING TO LIVE EACH DAY FOR HIM AND, IF NECESSARY, DIE FOR HIM AS HE DID FOR YOU? EVEN IF IT MEANS DEATH ON A CROSS????”

I bet the kid had something to say when they got to that “What does Confirmation mean to me?” part of the prep.

I love that guy.

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  • Neil Leslie

    The old pre-Vatican II rite of Confirmation included a ritual “slap” to the confirmand from the bishop,symbolizing courage in the face of persecution. Maybe that’s a custom we should bring back?

    • Petey

      my 6th graders miss it very much when I tell them about it

  • Des Farrell

    His theory on the archeological significance of Caesara Phillipi and the gates of hell, is fascinating. I should know more about it and, therefore, shall address the google machine post haste.

  • Catholic pilgrim

    Yes Mark, Steve is awesome! I love his “Footprints of God” series. He is a very lively & loyal follower of Christ & His Church. He is a true Christian knight, like St. Paul the Apostle (whose spiritual symbol is the sword) & St. Francis of Assisi (true crusader). We need more men like him to be leaders in our parishes across the country. PS- His voice sometimes sounds like Shaggy’s from Scooby Doo, I like it